Essex Property Trust

Business Summary

Essex Property Trust, Inc., is a fully integrated real estate investment trust (REIT) that acquires, develops, redevelops, and manages multifamily residential properties in selected West Coast communities. Since its founding in 1971, Essex has developed a clearly defined approach for creating value and managing risk. The Company's approach has three components - a sound real estate strategy, an experienced management team, and a strong financial condition. These three factors have contributed to the Company's historical results and future growth potential.

Real Estate Strategy

Our West Coast research-based strategy has been in place over the past 20 years and we believe it is part of what sets us apart from other REITs. Tested in various market cycles and conditions, our economic research model helps us invest in the right markets at the right time to deliver above-average results. Essex’s real estate strategy relies on extensive market research underlying the Company’s capital allocation process and comprehensive acquisitions, development, redevelopment, and management capabilities.

Experienced Management

Essex's management team consists of dedicated professionals responsible for executing a focused investment strategy. The Company's senior executives have worked together at Essex for over 22 years. From offices located in Northern California, Southern California and Washington, Essex employees cover all major functional areas essential to a successful real estate organization.

Financial Condition

The Company's balance sheet is among the strongest in the real estate industry. This strength is demonstrated by low leverage, a preference for long-term and fixed rate debt, and conservative coverage of interest and dividend payments. As a result of its solid financial condition, Essex is able to draw upon a wide range of capital alternatives for financing the external component of its growth strategy. A flexible capital structure allows us to obtain a lower cost of capital, thereby increasing the returns on our real estate investments to grow our business and benefit our shareholders.

Belmont Station - Los Angeles, CA

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